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Chancey of the Maury River

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Chancey of the Maury River bookcoverOn the night that Chancey is born, a "fire star" races across the sky, a signal that a great horse has entered the world. But it will take many years of slights and hardships before the orphaned albino will believe that the prophecy is truly meant for him. First he must find a home at the Maury River Stables and a girl named Claire who needs him as much as he needs her. Then, when his aching joints and impending blindness bring an end to their training together, he must start a new chapter as a therapeutic horse, healing people with wounds both visible and unseen. In the manner of a latter-day Black Beauty, Chancey's observant voice narrates this absorbing story, filled with fascinating details of life at the stable and keen insight into equine instinct, human emotion, and the ineffable bond that connects them both.

About the book: by Gigi Amateau | Middle-grade fiction, Ages 10-14, Grade 4-9 | Candlewick Press, hardcover May 2008 | ISBN 978-0-7636-3439-1

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Chancey Reviews

Books 4 Christian Kids

Chancey of the Maury River explores themes of illness, grief, courage, perseverance, learning, and the overarching power of love. There is a deep authenticity in the spirit of this horse that will resonate with middle school children, making them both cry and cheer.

Equus blog

A tale of second chances, trail rides and a love of the blue mountains and great outdoors, Chancey was a delight to read and will no doubt be the same for future readers. Read full review.

Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)

fully annotated for middle and junior high students
Just as earnest, heartfelt, and and uplifting as Amateau's debut...the overall wholesomeness and well-earned positive outlook makes this title worthy of consideration.

Northwest Rider Magazine



Readers who enjoyed the classic, 'Black Beauty,' will fall in love with 'Chancey.


Filled with keen insight into equine instinct, this special story celebrates the ineffable bond that connects humans and horses.

Toledo Blade

An excellent picture of the possibilities for horses in therapeutic situations.

The Gazette

A voice as elegant and distinguished as the horse whose story she tells… simultaneously suspenseful and lingering and will certainly remain with the reader long after it's told out.

Meridian Magazine

This story is rich in the healing of hearts and souls through the love of an animal.

School Library Journal

A highly enjoyable read.

Solares Hill, Key West, FL

Gigi Amateau's novel "Chancey of the Maury River" came as a gentle surprise, not only reminding me why I fell in love with reading in the first place but causing me to fall in love all over again ... No one, as it turns out, is too old or too young for a second chance -- or for a good horse story.

young rider coverYoung Rider Magazine
The Dec 2008 issue of Young Rider features Chancey in the Book Bag -- we're proud to be in such good company.

The Horn Book Magazine

The sentimental horse story is revived to magnificent effect in this moving novel...Chancey's generous heart and deepening trust in his riders are the occasion of more than one teary moment as this horse story winds to a stirring finish.

blaze coverBlaze Magazine
Chancey of the Maury River, was featured in Blaze Magazine for Horse-Crazy Kids "Super Summer Reads."

blaze birthday candlesAppaloosa Journal
Chancey Rides Again! The Sept. 2008 issue of Appaloosa Journal featured Chancey of the Maury River in their Horse Lover's Book Corner.

The Chronicle of the Horse
Written in the style of equestrian classics such as Black Beauty and Misty of Chincoteague, Gigi Amateau's ambitious Chancey of the Maury River injects a dose of modernity into the old hard-luck horse story...I can't imagine a more delightful read, or a better gift, for a young person with a taste for modern literary pony tales.


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